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Terry is a systems thinker, process specialist, and strategic realist who helps organizations and individuals develop sustainable processes within existing systems. A lifelong technology tinkerer, Terry's passion is understanding how processes and technologies affect how people work. He is the founding technologist of ConText.

Throughout his career Terry held increasingly senior positions in technology companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Tegra, and Aydin Controls.

As a director of Linux and open source, Terry researched emerging technologies, created strategy, and developed business models and plans. He advised enterprise customers about datacenter solutions. As a senior manager of strategy, process, and analytics, Terry led a global team that defined new business processes in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He designed and implemented worldwide revenue-tracking processes and supporting software.

In addition to strategy and process design, Terry has worked as a business analyst, program manager, software designer, and technical writer at high-tech start-ups, hardware companies, and application and database ISVs.

He has written over eighty technical books, including COM Beyond Microsoft (Sherlock and Cronin, Digital Press, 2000) and OpenVMS and Windows NT Integration for Dummies (McAndrew/Scheffy/Sherlock, IDG Books, 1999).

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